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I-75 / US 301 Interchange Design

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About the Project

I-75 / US 301 Interchange Design

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), along with Manatee County, has identified the need to make improvements to and around the I-75/US 301 interchange in order to improve highway operations, safety, and regional mobility.

The scope of this project is to widen the I-75 (SR 93) facility and reconstruct the I-75 (SR 93)/US 301 (SR 43) interchange from a partial cloverleaf interchange to a tight diamond configuration. New bridges will be constructed over the Manatee River for a northbound exit ramp and a southbound entrance ramp. They will be compatible with the ultimate section for future mainline traffic. The widening and reconstruction of I-75 (SR 93) will provide for an eight-lane divided roadway with 12-foot inside and outside shoulders (10-foot paved) and a median that varies from 64 feet to 161 feet. A depressed median with roadside ditches will be used to convey storm water.

The redesign of the I-75/US 301 interchange will not only handle the existing six lanes of traffic more efficiently, it will accommodate up to ten lanes (two express lanes and three general use lanes in each direction). These future ultimate improvements are planned to extend the acceptable level of service for I-75 well beyond 2050.

Acquisition of right of way for the construction improvements are currently funded FY 17 and Construction is currently funded FY 21 in FDOT's five year work program.